If you are visiting this page it means you are looking to protect yourself, your friends, your family or any combination.  This is a good thing!  There are many self defense courses, schools to choose from and we encourage you to try as many as you find interesting, including ours of course ;)
Our club is a dedicated following of individuals that get together for the purpose of becoming superior fighters with both weapons and empty hand techniques.   We focus primarily on the common weapons that you would find in a "real life" attack.  Knives, sticks, pipes, bats, fists, kicks, knees and most importantly fear and aggression.  We address all aspects and train to overcome these by facing them in a controlled setting so you have an edge if the worse happens outside the training floor.
Below is an overview of what we focus on as a group. 
Strategy:  A fighting art is defined by its strategy.  We do not practice a curriculum of drills and techniques, in fact many times you end up doing the same thing 500 times in one class.  The fighting arts are different then the martial arts in that you are training to be a fighter not a database of nifty techniques.  We spar during every class
Conditioning:  You cannot be a superior warrior without proper conditioning.  Why do many fighters lose and become unable to defend themselves?  Because they get tired!  You have many reasons for wanting to learn a fighting art  be it self defense, competition, confidence, etc.  All of these are enhances and dependent on your ability to control your body and execute techniques and strategies with power and stamina.
Power and Accuracy:  We focus on striking power and targeting every time we meet.  Once you learn how to hit you will learn where to hit.  Almost everyone we have met is surprised at this, but it’s true, you have to practice hitting and cutting things to be good at hitting and cutting things.  
Footwork:  Your striking and strategy is going to incorporate your footwork.  You want to train proper footwork.  We study and fight with a style of footwork that is excellent for offense and defense. 
Our training is rooting in the effective and proven techniques and fighting methods of the Filipino Fighting Arts called Eskrima.   Check out or History and Info pages for more in depth info on the art and culture.  Trust us, we have been around the world and you cannot find a more complete weapon art period.
Give use a call at 612-327-4002 or 612-501-0057 for more information.  If you prefere email click here
Wondering if this Eskrima stuff is used by anyone famous or featured in movies or popular TV?  Here are a few snippets, use your Google Fu for more!
Lucy Liu:  In her spare time, she practices kali-eskrima-silat, a martial art involving sticks and knives. But while she was able to show off her skills in the Charlie's Angels movies and Shanghai Noon, she has never had to use them to defend herself in real life. “Thank God. But it has made me more aggressive,’’ the 1.57m actress once said: “If somebody is confrontational or rude, it makes me more confident. Its like: ‘No, you don't treat somebody that way.' It gives you an inner strength. And that's what martial arts should be; it should come from inside.’’  Credit: http://www.thebiographychannel.co.uk/biographies/lucy-liu.html
Matt Damon on the filming of the Bourne trilogy: What fighting style did you learn?Kali, it's a Filipino style. It has a lot to do with clubs and knives and a trapping technique is actually what they call it. To watch these guys do it is beautiful. It's like if somebody throws a punch at you, there are these destruction movies. Where I do it is with the pen. When I take the pen out, that's kind of what this style is, which is rather than go directly for somebody's throat, you just slowly take them apart. Each of those hits to the guy are designed as that's in the bicep, that's in the tricep, that one's in the forearm, that one's in the hand. To those guys, they like that sequence because they think it's true to their style”. - credit: http://www.asiafinest.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t18738.html
"The Hunted" starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro :"Both Aaron and L.T. use a form of martial arts called Kali which is mostly knife fighting, and originated in the Philippines". Credit - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0269347/trivia
Eskrima on the Discovery Channelhttp://dsc.discovery.com/tv/fight-quest/fight-quest.html


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